Top Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Top Tips to Sell Your House Fast

You may have different reasons to sell your house fast. Irrespective of where your UK property is located – from Clyde to Cardiff or Dover to Durham, you could be frantically searching for answers to ‘how to sell my house fast?’ in the search engines when life throws you a curveball.

Common reasons why people look to sell their houses fast are:

  • Divorce: If you’re undergoing the stress and pain of the divorce proceedings and need to sell your house quickly to split the amount in half with your spouse, selling it quickly would make life easier.
  • Inheritance: When you inherit a home that you don’t want to hold onto or where the inheritance involves a lot of other people (say, your siblings or relatives), you could be tempted to sell the home fast rather than dealing with the burden of its upkeep or going through the headache figuring (with others) who gets to use which part of the home.
  • Financial problems: If you’re struggling to pay your debts or can’t manage your financial commitments that create additional arrears for you to deal with, selling your house fast is a prudent way to break this shackle of debt.
  • Avoid foreclosure or repossession: If you’ve failed to pay your mortgage and are facing foreclosure proceedings or want to avoid repossession and possible bankruptcy, selling your house fast to pay off your loan, mortgage, or other debt obligations is a good solution.

Top ways to sell your house fast

There are different ways to sell your house but when you need to do it fast, the following three methods are the ones people commonly use:

  1. Cash Buyers

Do you need to sell your home

  • for the highest guaranteed cash offer?
  • quickly within a strict timeframe, which could be as little as 7 days?
  • with no hassle, no fees, and no delays?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to all these questions, selling your house to a reliable cash buyer is the fastest and easiest solution. A company that buys houses for cash would send you a free, no-obligation quote within 24 hours. If you decide to sell at the quoted price, it can buy your property within 7 days where you’ll have to pay no legal fees and charges.

  1. Local estate agent

You can hire a local estate agent, who’ll find potential buyers to advertise your home. Typically, such agents will charge a percentage of the final sales price from you. Additionally, you’ll need to pay the solicitor’s fees. There’s a catch though. Despite such fees and agent commissions, you won’t get a guaranteed sale. This means while your house sits on the market for 6 to 9 months (which is the average time that agents take to sell a property) or even more, you’ll still have to pay your ongoing mortgage payments. And the longer your house stays on the market, the more reduction its agreed price would undergo.

  1. Online property portals

Depending on which website you choose, online property portals can help you to reach a wider audience when advertising your property. Trying to sell your house fast this way would let you save on the commission paid to estate agents but you’ll still need to pay the solicitor’s fees. Additionally, you’ll need to invest time and effort to organize house showings where you take your potential buyers on a tour around the property. During this entire process, you’ll need to continue paying your mortgage.

Cash buyers – the best choice to sell your house fast

When you desperately need a guaranteed quick house sale, a cash buyer is worth considering. However, such a buyer would pay below the market value, and those ready to wait for 6-9 months or even more while their home sits out there on the open market could make more money. But during such a long waiting period, you’ll be paying your monthly mortgage and bills. When you add to these some other costs like your estate agent’s commission and legal expenses, the final price of your home won’t be much dissimilar from what a cash buyer would typically offer.

Choosing a local estate agent, an online portal, or an auction to sell your house fast has other potential downsides as well. For instance, when you put your home for an auction, you won’t get a guaranteed sale (or a guarantee of getting your reserve price if there’s a sale). Additionally, your property’s public record of it not getting sold for that price would decrease its market value further.

Since the property market can be volatile and unstable, opting for a cash buyer to sell your home fast can eliminate such uncertainties associated with the process, thus letting you move forward with your life.

Your FAQs answered

  1. How’ll cash buyers evaluate my property?

Reputed cash home buyers would use a multi-faceted approach for valuing any property. At first, they will ask you to give some details of your home over the phone. Then, they’ll conduct a desktop assessment by viewing the property (and/or similar ones in the area) and get details of the locality using different online sources. They’ll make their initial offer based on such findings. If you decide to proceed forward, they will typically send three independent local estate agents for your house valuation in person to validate the cash buyer’s valuation. If the agents’ valuations differ from the cash buyer’s, the latter would take the average of the three to make a final cash offer.

  1. Am I guaranteed to get the best cash offer on my house?

Apart from a thorough valuation process to achieve the most precise valuation for your home, a reliable cash buyer would also offer a price guarantee in most cases to beat any authentic offer you may get from another genuine cash buyer.

  1. How do I know you’re a reputed company to sell my house fast?

You should check if the company is fully regulated and abides by TPO (The Property Ombudsman) Code of Conduct. Additionally, you should check their TrustScore rating and Google rating. A company that satisfies all these requirements is your ideal choice.

  1. Will I get a guaranteed sale?

A cash buying company with over 15 years in the industry will draw upon its experience to offer you a guaranteed sale. It’d also have a competent in-house team of real estate professionals and legal experts to ensure the entire process from valuation to sale completion is done seamlessly and fast in as little as 7 days.