How to Sell House Fast in London?

How to Sell a House Fast in London?

How to Sell a House Fast in London?

If you’re frantically typing ‘how to sell house fast in London’ in the search box of Google to find feasible solutions, you may have a tough time, especially if you’ve got a tight deadline and aren’t ready to compromise on the price. But selling your house in London at a great price isn’t impossible either. You just need to find a reliable and experienced cash home buying company that will make you an offer within as little as 24 hours of receiving your first query.

In case you accept the offer they make and wish to proceed ahead, they could complete the entire proceedings within just 14 days, which most other companies and potential buyers can hardly compete with. Irrespective of what your London-based home’s precise location or exact condition is, you can always find a cash home buyer with some research and homework on your own.

Before you get ready to sell your house in London fast, you need to know a few things about the current property market. So, let’s delve deeper to take a look.

Understanding the Current Market to Sell House Fast in London

After the introduction of the mansion tax, London’s property market has had a rough time where house sales took a considerable dip. Due to the increased cost of buying prime property in the capital, it has become even tougher and less affordable for foreign investors to buy a property in London. In 2016, a 3% levy was introduced by the government for buying second homes. This meant anyone buying a second home was needed to pay an additional 3% stamp duty, which adversely impacted the property market even more, thus pushing the prices to drop further.

But there was more bad news to come. Serious shockwaves were triggered in the property market of London by the EU referendum. The uncertain future not only frightened several foreign investors but even drove off a lot of regular buyers too.

If you’ve been looking to sell your house fast in London, you should better let professional services handle the job on your behalf to get the desired results. If you are a DIY enthusiast and would rather do the legwork yourself, you can surely do it but be ready to let your house sit there on the market for long, waiting for the right buyer with the desired offer. Rather than feeling stressed while trying to sell your house fast in London, it’s more prudent to contact a cash home buyer with experience and reputation in the market as you’ll have nothing to lose with this move. Rather, you could get a free initial offer and finalize the sale within 7 to 14 days should you agree to go ahead.

Things to Look For When Finding Dedicated Services to Sell House Fast in London

  1. Find the type of properties they deal with

From one cash home buying company to another, the type of properties they deal with could vary. While some could be dealing with just a specific type of property or two, others could be ready to buy from you any property in any condition and location. Ideally, you should look for a company that buys different types of properties such as detached houses, bungalows, terraced houses, basement or studio flats, penthouses, and semi-detached houses, among others, to benefit from its vast experience.

  1. Make sure your reason to sell doesn’t matter

You may have ten or more different reasons for trying to sell your house fast in London. You could be troubled by ongoing divorce proceedings, trying to stop your home from getting repossessed, are relocating or emigrating away from the UK, upsizing to a bigger home, have inherited a property that you don’t want to hold onto, or simply want to sell your home fast after its previous sale has fallen through. For most cash home buying companies, the reason why you’re selling your house fast in London won’t matter. However, a handful may not be inclined to buy a property that’s about to be foreclosed or one that needs a lot of repairs. So, it’s important to check if your chosen cash buyer has got you covered, no matter what your reason to sell your home fast is.

  1. Understand the entire process with clarity

Most cash home buying companies in London will have an easy, 3-step process to buy your home fast. Since they would typically use a process that they have perfected over the years but one that’s flexible to be customised to suit your precise requirements, you can rest assured of getting a stress-free and streamlined way of selling your London home fast.

Step 1

This is where the company will have an informal chat with you. You could either contact them over the phone directly or use an online enquiry form usually put up on the company website to send your requirements.

Step 2

In case you decide to move forward, the cash home buying company and you will agree on a suitable time when property experts from the company will survey the property in person to see from close quarters exactly what they’ll be dealing with.

Step 3

This is where the company will create a timescale to suit your particular needs and instruct its solicitors. If you need, the company could even lend you a certain sum of money to facilitate your move. A reliable company at this stage would clearly spell the costs payable and mention there are no hidden costs and separate service fees involved in case it covers your EPC, solicitor fees, and survey costs, among others.

If you have any questions or doubts during any of these three stages, you should ask your questions and seek clarity before proceeding ahead. If all sounds good, choosing a cash home buyer is a much better, faster, and cost-effective way than dealing with estate agents or some other middleman.

A reliable cash home buying company will be backed by its priceless industry experience and have in-house professionals who stay updated about the latest property market trends and developments to help you get the best possible offer. So, when you want to sell your house fast in London for cash, you can trust such a company to enjoy the optimal benefits.