Terms & Conditions

Fast House Buyer. Our completion timescale for an average property purchase is 2 -3 weeks subject to survey. We can complete sooner if required by both parties.

A valuation of the property will be instructed prior to the sale being completed at our cost by an independent RICS surveyor. We will also instruct a local estate agent to appraise your property.

If required, we will also acquire a builders report at our discretion together with additional searches against the property as necessary.

As we are a trade buyer of properties we do not pay the full market value of a property. The price we can pay for a property depends on the property type, area, condition, age and construction type and is subject to final valuation and is typically up to 80% of the open market value of your property.

Our initial offer is conditional upon final survey and is subject to any adverse entries being revealed in the searches carried out against the property and any other matters which are subsequently revealed to us which would affect the market value of the property.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance is required by law and will be carried out as standard on entering into the Agreement. By accepting our Terms of Business you are consenting to such a check being carried out.

We will not without your consent release or misuse confidential information given by you during the property sale process unless legally required to do so.

We will keep clear records of all transactions for a period of 6 years.

You are free to use any solicitor of your choice. However, if you choose to use our recommended solicitor then we will cover your legal fees in relation to the sale of your property. The reason that we recommend you use our recommended solicitor is because we are dealing with multiple transactions at any one time and our Solicitor can work towards our desired timescale or completion date. Our recommended solicitors are independent and abide by all Law Society guidelines and are acting on an independent basis for you the client.

Our Agreement will remain in force for a period of 4 months from the date of the Agreement signed by you.

Should the Agreement be terminated within the 4 month period then we will be at liberty to register a Unilateral Notice against the property at HM Land Registry to restrict the sale of the property within the period in which the Agreement is in force to protect our interest.

The Agreement can be cancelled within the 14 day cooling off period from the date the contract was entered into.

We will try to solve any disagreements or complaints quickly and efficiently and will acknowledge receipt of any complaint within 3 days together with a full response within 15 days. Should you wish to make a complaint please do so in writing and a response will be provided as above. If, after following our formal complaints procedure (above), you are dissatisfied with the responses from us you can direct any complaint to The Property Ombudsman.

Fast House Buyer are members agents of The Property Ombudsman scheme for dispute resolution and we are bound by their code of practice.

We will not discriminate against any person under the definitions of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 or the Race Relations Act 1976. We will not discriminate, or threaten to discriminate against any prospective Buyer of your property because that person refuses to agree that we will (directly or indirectly) provide services to them.

Initial valuations are based on an analysis of recent transactions registered with the Land Registry and similar properties within the property area, additional factors such as décor and appearance are also taken into account. Valuations are only a recommendation to the vendor and are subject to full survey.

If the agreement is terminated within the Agreement term by the seller then we will be entitled to be reimbursed for all costs and expenses incurred by us to a maximum of £1000.00 which will be chargeable at our discretion.